every tuesday 10 p.m. - 11 p.m. on Radio Deep

Vanto & Mancuso

We live in Zurich and perform regularly as DJ's under the name Vanto & Mancuso.
As luck would have it, it had to be the case that Patrick Vantaggiato and Daniele Mancuso met each other in 2016 and that an immediate friendship developed.
As a producer and DJ duo we try together to bring our music to the people out there.
A great partnership is one in which one complements the other, what with
harmonized us from the beginning. We let live our musical love in melodic techno and techno

Giuseppe Russo

Giuseppe Russo….. borned 29th April 1981, based and growed up at Mitlödi, (Glarus) a tiny village near the mountains of Switzerland. He was dressed like a rapper, but always had a big addiction to Techno and House-music. He used to rent hidden rooms with his buddies to make partys and play. There he started to do his first steps in his musiclife. A mix between smoky and full crowded rooms gave him the reason, why he wanted to play his music infront of his friends. He became lots of fans. DJ Dolce_G was born. But that was only the beginning, it wasn’t enough, he couldn’t rest behind the hills. With his big love he followed his path to Zurich, where their lifes and his music passion began to take shape and grow up. His big DJ sets, took place at the Private Fiction at Kaufleuten, the headliner of the event couldn’t be present that night and they gave him the opportunity to do his job that night, and he did it, he won a lot of fans and they started to love him. That gave him the motivation to work harder and share his passion with them. In the same period he opened his own Fashionlabel and celebrated music and fashion together under the same roof. Time changed, the music changed. He married his wife and he changed his artist name in his native name, and continued to make music in famous clubs of Switzerland. As DJ Giuseppe Russo he started to produce his own music style in the technoscene and chases the music horizon even today! …..Tension guaranteed

Isak Gomez

Born in Santiago de Cali (Colombia), he began as a Disc Jockey at the age of 11 in his father's disco, where he dominated the mix with vinyl at such a young age. Isak's career started in 2008 as a professional Tech-House DJ and Producer in one of the best academies in the city of Cali. along with the most important DJs Isak Gomez began to be known for private parties.
He moved to Zürich, Switzerland in 2014 playing Gigs, private parties and summer festivals in Switzerland, Japan, France und Germany of Underground/Tech House scene.

Roger Torroni

Everything started with an attendance at the legendary Rohstofflager in Zurich.
Til then Roger Torroni mainly liked Trance and Hardtrance and he only was a person who enjoyed going to parties.
But when he came up against the monotonic and industrial rythm he instantly was thrilled and started to deal with it intensively.
Since this moment he focused on becoming a DJ. He bought his first equipment, composed of 2 Technics MK2 and a Pioneer mixer which are still existing in his studio.
15 years as real vinyl junkie and a huge quantity of experience in different regions and clubs had a great impact on him and made him to be an excellent DJ today.
His sets are characterized by his talent, to engage with the audience and his sensitive sense of its needs.
Dreamy and melancholic meets hard and tough-minded. There are no limits on his creativity. Mixing music styles are his trademark.
Since a while he is trying as a producer and his first tracks are available now in the online shops.
Roger Torroni has big ambitions and you may be curious of what comes up next.

Tibor Isaak

Through his father, who made music in the 80s - 90s in the Zurich based record store Panthera Records, Tibor Isaak came into contact with the various sub-genres of House and Techno early on in his childhood.
When Tibor first got involved with music production at the age of 15, he realized that this circumstance would benefit him greatly for his artistic identity. He discovered that his talent lies within the creation of atmospheric soundscapes as well as the arrangement of music, which Tibor translates into a sweet blend between techno and progressive house.

In 2017 MOTIV UNFUG and Tibor Isaak decided to start the live techno project FREIGEISTER, which has since become well established in the live techno/rave scene of Zurich.

Since 2018, Tibor is a member of Ciuff Records and released his first single ‘Delirium’ in 2019.

Giovanni Antonaci

Giovanni Antonacci

Classe 91 nato a Maglie (Le), porta dentro con sé la musica sin da piccolo.
All’età di 14 anni si avvicina alla produzione di beat elettronici,con i primi programmi musicali di produzione.
Nel 2014 inizia le sue prime performance come dj, che lo portano nel corso degli anni ad esibirsi prima in piccoli eventi, poi in locali e club sempre più rinominati e affollati nella movida salentina .
Il suo genere spazia dalla Deep House alla Tech House per poi sfociare nella Melodic Techno.
Nel 2017 inizia a studiare e a specializzarsi anche come producer.
In questo mixato rinominato “have a nice trip“ il tema che risuona sin da subito è il “trip“, viaggio mentale tra “i beat e i synth” della Deep melodica ..non perdertelo!


Needs 2 dishes and 1 mixer to ride the energy wave of the public, feel the adrenaline that runs on the track, absorb the strength, trying to guess the tastes of the crowd and to experiment, because people should also be educated with new sounds.

Mario Santamaria aka UPTEK also RETAPE from Puglia, DJ producer & remixer in continuous musical evolution, he does not like to catalog music, he proposes house and techno in various shades.

It also stands out for its charisma, its whimsiness and its engaging way of being behind the console.

His strength, his charge, his determination are the result of his passion, his courage to give, to experiment, to be different